You wouldn’t think writing up an article listing my favorite quotes from one of my favorite comedies would be difficult. Well, you would be wrong. I end up pausing the show after every 3 lines wondering if that is worth posting because they are ALL worth posting. It’s quite the dilemma. Anywho… here are the few I actually decided to put on the page.

Grayson: Ok, Bobby, go like this. Purse your lips a little like [does the pursed lips]. What? It’s what we did when I was an underwear model for Montgomery Ward.
Bobby Cobb Quotes: You just tried to slip that one in there, didn’t ya?
Grayson: There are two types of underwear models. Front guys and butt guys. I was both.
Travis: He said proudly.

I’m going to be honest with you all right now, because I feel after writing for this website for, wow, awhile now, I think we’ve grown close. I included this because Josh Hopkins was talking about being an underwear model and that made me happy. And hopeful there will be pics. Yeah, I’m shallow. I’m not sure why you seem surprised? What? You aren’t surprised? See… I knew we’d grown close.

Laurie: I wonder what he looks like. I hope if he’s black, he’s super black. Dark black is hot….. Is that racist?
Grayson and Ellie Torres Quotes: [talking it over quietly]
Grayson: No. But it makes us uncomfortable.
Laurie Keller Quotes: Okay!

This was just so insanely inappropriate I couldn’t help but include it. Also, quite the conversation – is it racist? Let’s not discuss it in this forum, though, mmmm kay?

Travis, Bobby, Grayson and Sig: PENNY CAAAAN!

You all knew I had to put that, right? I mean come on. It’s Penny Can.

Travis Cobb Quotes: Look, I know you’re just trying to be a good mom by coming over here trying to convince me to let dad bang my photography teacher, but do you really think there’s anything you can say that gonna make me want that happen?
Grayson Quotes Cougar Town: When’s the last time your dad liked someone?
Jules Cobb Quotes: [points and clicks at Grayson]
Travis: Is that what you do now when he says something almost smart? You point at him like a dog?
Jules: Yeah. So what? He likes it.
Grayson: Yeah. I do.
Jules: [points and clicks]
Grayson Ellis Quotes: [giggles]

I loved that Grayson was the one to convince Travis to let Bobby go on a date with the teacher. And then immediately is ridiculous with Jules. Dork.

Jules: I need your help with the bicycle boys. I need you to rise up and be the king that we all need.
Andy Torres Quotes: Like a cul de sac Braveheart?
Jules: Okay…

Just because this gave me such a vivid image of what was to come…

Tom: You put wine in my fountain?
Jules: You’re welcome!
Tom: It looks like a fountain of blood. People are going to think I am creepy.
Ellie Torres Quotes: I think the ship has sailed on that one, big guy.

Oh, Tom. It’s so sweet that you so want to be part of the crew. But seriously. You are creepy, dude.

What was you favorite quote this week?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

Photos courtesy of ABC