Your ultimate guide to the best Community quotes – season 3.

Community “Virtual Systems Analysis” Quotes

Ah, the dual-a-dean of man. – Dean Pelton Quotes

You never can tell what kind of day you’re going to have. – Best Abed Quotes

Three hour lunch? Three hour lunch? Three hour lunch? – Jeff Winger Quotes

He said Die Hard was bad. – Abed, Best Community Quotes Season 3

Is this a social cue? – Abed Quotes

I left my putting on the ritz cane in here. – Dean Pelton Quotes

Can’t we play something I know about? Like hospital administration? – Best Annie Edison Quotes

You don’t have a patent on being a control freak, Abed. – Best Annie Edison Quotes

I don’t usually support lunch because it seems unfair to breakfast. – Abed as Britta, Best Community quotes season 3

This is my hospital school. – Annie, Small Screen Scoop posted these Community quotes

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You’re not stupid. Just less able to see what I see. – Abed Quotes

We lowering functioning brains call this empathy. – Best Annie Edison Quotes

Oh my God, I broke Abed. – Annie Edison Quotes

We’re just in love with the idea of being in love. – Annie

That’s it, I find you guilty of being Abed! – Chang Best Community Quotes

alison brie

I now can enter the minds of others using an elusive new technique known as empathy. – Abed Quotes

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