Seriously, what IS the deal with Velvetta? Is it a cheese product at all? Here are the best Carrie Diaries quotes from “Endgame.”

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The Carrie Diaries Quotes “Endgame”

This time, she’s obsessed with ambrosia salad!
Carrie: When you’re obsessed with one goal, it’s hard to focus on anything else. | When your’e determined to reach a goal. Obstacles don’t get in your way.

Damn right!
Maggie Landers: You have a hot rich Manhattan boyfriend and Sebastian can suck it.

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Oh, little sisters!
Dorrit Bradshaw: I don’t want to eat Carrie’s cooking. I want to live.

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It’s confusing for us all!
Carrie Bradshaw: Velvetta’s confusing. I mean, is it a cheese or what?

Do you guys agree?
Carrie: It’s too early for him to see so much of the real me.

It’s all about the inflection!
Carrie: Oh, God. I mean, oh good!

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All very good signs…
Tom: Carrie’s in the kitchen cooking dinner and Dorritt hasn’t blown anything up yet. These are good signs.

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A reference to Sex and the City!
Carrie: When I’m an adult I’m gonna use my oven for storage or something.

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That’s how time works…
Carrie: (To Sebastian) You can’t go back. Choices get made and things happen because of them.