Here are the best Carrie Diaries quotes from “Caught.”


The Carrie Diaries Quotes “Caught”

Carrie: If I’m still dating and talking about guys in my 30’s, someone needs to smother me with a pillow.

Mouse: I always figured I’d be a spinster that lived with Carrie.

Carrie: Bitchy Barbara’s gonna be here. …Don’t tell her I said that.

Carrie: Speak of the devil’s girlfriend.

Maggie Landers: You are THIS close to meeting Ralph Macchio.

Dorrit: Why are you guys always such freaks?

Mouse: I just destroyed my entire life for sex.

Mouse: Dad’s are scary, that’s their job.

Larissa Loughlin: Maybe writing is your calling.

Carrie Bradshaw: I’m no Judy Bloom.

Sebastian Kydd: You only see what she wants you to see.

Carrie Bradshaw: Just send in the clowns!