Here are the best ‘Brooklyn 99’ quotes from the episode “The Bet.” If you are looking for Brooklyn 99 quotes from another episode: Brooklyn 99 quotes.

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BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg, C) helps Det. Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero, L) avoid watching a strip show in the “The Bet” episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, Jan. 14 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Eddy Chen/FOX

Best Brooklyn 99 Quotes – “The Bet”

“If you really knew me, you would have said ‘crushing debt.'” – Jake Peralta

“Thor would never wager his hammer.” – Boyle

Boyle: “Have you seen Rosa?”
Gina: “Rosa died 8 years ago.”

“Date time, time to date!” – Jake Peralta

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“There’s plenty of embaressing to do and only a few hours to do it.” – Jake Peralta

“That horse is a damn hero.” – Gina

“I spent one whole dollar on this ring. Will you go on the worst date ever with me? You have to say yes.” – Jake Peralta

“You’re not allowed to fall in love with me.” – Jake Peralta

“When you finally go out with me – and you will – it’ll be because I do things that only Charles Boyle would do.” – Boyle

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“I’m sad ya’ll are arresting me, but I’m excited you’re back together.” – Criminal

“I think I’m getting a text message….boop.” –

“I get snacky.” – Jake Peralta

“You cooking meth? You breaking bad? How many phones do you have?”

“How much did you spend on tonight?” – Boyle
“$1,400, but it’s all on credit cards, so it’s like $5 a month for the next 2,000 years.” – Jake Peralta

“You live in you ex-wife’s new boyfriend’s basement, I’m not taking advice from you.”

Detective Santiago: Permission to go to the bathroom?
Detective Peralta: Granted. First of three, use them wisely.

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