Inside are the best ‘Brooklyn 99’ quotes. Enjoy them in good health and with a couple of small dogs in your arms, Captain Holt style.

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Best Brooklyn 99 Quotes – Pontiac Bandit – Season 1, Episode 12

“My phone battery’s at 100% charge, and I have 10 loose diner mints in my purse. This is my home now.” – Gina Linetti

Jake Peralta: What do you do to these perps?!
Rosa Diaz: Fear is a powerful aphrodisiac.

“Hand me the small dog, Santiago.” – Captain Holt

“Do you need a math tutor? Because the department will provide one for you.” – Captain Holt

“He speaks with a British accent. Like my girl Dame Judi Dench. I have impeccable taste.” – Terry Jeffords

“He ran over my foot. I am in extreme pain.” – Captain Holt

“I love getting to know people. It’s my jam.” – Rosa Diaz

“I don’t look like a cop now!” – Jake Peralta
“No, you look like a Boyz II Men Easter album.” – Rosa Diaz

Doug: Blue cars, red cars, big cars, small cars…
Rose Diaz: What is he doing?
Jake Peralta: Talking about cars!

“Doing work. Hanging with dogs. That’s my lifestyle.” – Amy Santiago

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