Your complete guide to the best 30 Rock quotes from season 6.

30 Rock “Meet the Woggels” Quotes

Dating a musician is amazing. This sexual walkabout that I’m on is really opening me to new experiences. – jenna maroney quotes season 6

Sure I’ve dated musicians before but I never manipulated one into leaving his band for me. – Jenna

I’m gonna teach my son what it is to be a Jordan. And I’m gonna die trying. – Best Tracy Jordan Quotes

I can’t go to the plaza, you know that. What if I run into Eloise? – Small Screen Scoop posted these 30 Rock quotes

Unclaimed Irish Stowaway. – Jack Donheghey

Reverse Urkel you. – Best Tracy Jordan Quotes

It’s montage time. – Best Tracy Jordan Quotes

As my coffee cup said this morning, ‘you only regret the things you didn’t do.’ This coffee cup was made with recycled material. – Best Liz Lemon Quotes

If you’re ordering me an edible arrangement, I’d prefer a meat one. – Best Liz Lemon Quotes

8>< – Liz Lemon Emoticon – Small Screen Scoop posted these 30 Rock quotes.

Can we do something about the temperature in here. I’d like it humid and cold. – Best 30 Rock quotes season 6

I wanna lick that turtleneck off of you. – jenna maroney quotes season 6

I never even taugh thim how to shave an orangutan. – Tracy Jordan Quotes

That song, like everything, is about me. – jenna maroney quotes season 6