NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman

NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman

After only two years at the helm, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios Ben Silverman is leaving NBC. Silverman was brought on to help put NBC back on top in terms of ratings, but after two years the network is still mired in fourth place behind CBS, ABC and FOX. NBC is behind FOX. The network that is about to bring you “More to Love.”

Here’s a surprising fact about Silverman and NBC: none of the shows launched last fall made it to season two. Guess they had some real winners there.

The NBC press release says that Silverman is “getting back to his entrepreneurial roots,” which makes it sound like he’s about to be manning the hot dog cart outside the NBC Universal offices. What it actually means is that he’s launching a multimedia venture with fellow media mogul Barry Diller.

Silverman had been co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios with Marc Graboff; Silverman will stick around to see the debut of the fall shows and then Graboff will remain sole chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, though Graboff will report to Jeff Gaspin, who has been named chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment.

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