Ben Flajnik is currently The Bachelor on ABC’s hit reality TV series, but if orchestrates an elaborate plan he could end up marrying Kristen Bell. Stay with us, and we’ll tell you how this (yes, okay – loose) logic makes sense.

There’s been speculation that Ben Flajnik looks like Josh Groban (singer) and Rafael Nadal (professional tennis player.) But we think he looks more like Dax Shepard*. Can you deny the similar face shape? Those thin lips? The high forehead and large, sloped nose?

To add to this, both Flajnik and Shepard have exhibited that they’re guys with great senses of humor. While Shepard has lined up for a lifetime of what can only be described as awesome marital success (you get an award after the first year!) with fiancee (and sloth-loving-hot-and-nerdy-vegetarian-mamacita) Kristen Bell, Flajnik looks like he’s about to make an awful choice in proposing to snobby pants Courtney Robertson.

If Flajnik can somehow take Shepard out with chloroform (an idea that both cartoons and NBC’s Community gives us), he could definitely steal his spot at the altar.

You can watch Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson on ABC’s The Bachelor. Dax Shepard is on NBC’s Parenthood, and Kristen Bell is on Showtime’s House of Lies.

What do you think of our comparison? Are we close or do you not see the resemblance at all? (And are you wearing your glasses?!)

* P.S. Many think that Dax Shepard looks like Zach Braff or Chad Kroeger.

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