This week on The Bachelor 2012, Ben Flajnik and Kacie Boguskie showed us that if they ever had to re-enact scenes from Lost that they’d do okay. Kacie looks a little bit like Kate Austen (Evangeline Lily) doesn’t she? (Okay, maybe not.)

Ben and Kacie B. went to a private island for a one-on-one date. They had to work as a team in trying to fish with a net, split coconuts, and do other assorted tasks.

“Watching Ben cut into a coconut, it’s so hot. You can see the determination in his face. It’s just. Mmm.” – Kacie B.

Ben had a metaphor about how relationships are all about partnership and overcoming hurdles together, just like how they had to be there for each other on the island. “If we can accomplish this together I feel like we could probably do anything.” He said that tonight, but he has basically said that about every challenging event he’s done on a one-on-one date. He needs new material.

“Teamwork in a marriage is a very big thing.” – Ben Flajnik

It’s not that he’s wrong, it’s just that it’s starting to sound boring when his sound bytes are all the same.

When they returned to civilization, they had a quiet meal together. Ben was ready to dive in for some serious conversation.

Kacie said she was excited to do day-to-day things with him, like going to the grocery store and cook. She later shared that she had an eating disorder in high school. It lasted for a year, and during a Super Bowl party she was caught in the act. She said she was an anorexic and bulimic.

After feeling sated by getting closer with her, he gave her a rose.


We know that Ben does not choose Kacie B, so it’s time to wonder why. Maybe Kacie was too down-to-earth and normal, and he felt pressure in not thinking there was time to really build a connection. So he looked to Courtney and felt everything was exciting and decided that was who he wanted.

The Bachelor 2012 airs on ABC.