Last week on Being Human (syfy) we saw Josh join Nora and the twin pure bred wolves in the forest rather than lose his love. Sally was tormented by a new horror, a very angry poltergeist that ended up being her murderer and ex-fiancee, Danny. Aiden was tormented by his own demons with Henry, his “son” back in Boston and Sirin desperate to please Mother to prove she can run Boston.

Being Human Recap Season 2 “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”

When Josh and the other wolves came back to their human selves, Josh realizes he cannot stay with Nora. As much as she had come to finally accept her wolf self, he still fights to be human even after he’s killed a vampire with the pack. He leaves them but before doing so, Aiden shows up and kills the male twin, Nora holding the sister as Josh leaves and Aiden takes the dead wolf with him to the elder telling him to leave Boston and never return. Meanwhile, Sally is saved from the wrath of Danny’s angry ghost by the very thing that’s been chasing her: a Reaper. They talk and she finds out she is his next target. She must make peace with her so called “life” as a spirit and say good-bye to her friends but when Josh and Aiden come home, everyone is equally miserable and nobody says much of anything leaving Sally alone where she died on the stairs whispering: Good-bye.

As this week’s episode starts, it’s been seven days since the events of last week. The Reaper offers Sally a choice: let him take her or do his job but she can’t make the decision even when she talks to Aiden about what to do. Meanwhile Josh has been cooped up in his room not going to work when his sister Emily arrives to cheer him up.

Sirin lies to Mother that she has killed the orphans and tells Aiden of her deception and how HE will be the one to fix it for her. He is obviously disturbed by this assignment, going to meet with Henry at the house of a human. Sirin watches from afar without either vamps knowledge. Aiden tells Henry of a plan to save some orphans but to have them all meet at this house they are at now before midnight.

Josh meets his sister a bit earlier than planned at the bar and finds his ex-financee, Julia there. They have a few choice comments but they seem to be enjoying tearing at the other with harsh words and verbal barbs. Emily watches them go at it as she gets more and more drunk.

Sally goes to see Stevie, her High School ghost friend and asks his advice on how to “shred” another ghost. He tells her it’s not a good thing and she shouldn’t be asking him about it. He seems strangely disturbed by the conversation and almost antsy but she doesn’t seem to care, her fear of the Reaper and her choice affecting her judgment.

Back to Josh, Emily and Julia talking in the bar and still seemingly fighting.

The Reaper comes back to Sally who promptly jumps and shreds him to her best ability.

Josh and Julia talk about Nora but Emily has pissed someone off kissing their girlfriend and they are forced to leave in an humorous rush.

Sally thinks the Reaper gone but he pops up again and seems even more determined to have her make that choice. She’s scared, stammering about what she did but he seems happy in a dark kind of way and tells her that her circumstance makes her the perfect reaper and so he will start her training immediately.

Aiden goes to the house with Henry to meet with the orphans. They don’t want to move, his offer to send them to a friendly haven in Baltimore away from judgment of the elders and Mother making them indecisive. He tells them to make their choice as he grabs up Henry and tries to leave, the clock getting nearer to midnight. Meanwhile we see flashes of the house’s human own brought before Sirin who is buying the deed from him and saying that when she signs the deed, all his “guests” will be uninvited. Flash to Henry offering to lead the orphans to Baltimore and Aiden doing his best to drag him out, locking the door behind him as his “son” tries to figure out what’s going on. They barely get out of the house as midnight strikes and every one of the vamps starts to burn and smoke. Sirin has signed the deed making the invitations of the human owner null and void thereby killing all but Aiden and Henry who just make it past the threshold outside and escape certain death. Henry is visibly upset as is Aiden but the latter explains he had to do it to save him, his “son.”

Sally follows the Reaper only to find that her first target is her friend Stevie. She’s forced to confront who she is in her current life as a ghost. Will she let herself be destroyed or destroy others to continue living?

Josh and Julie take Emily back to his ex-fiancee’s place and while they worry over his sister being ok after her binge drinking, they start to talk of old times and Josh has to tell Julia the truth. She doesn’t believe him but he tells her that after the attack where he was hurt and Stu died, he changed. He’s a monster (without saying werewolf) and didn’t want to hurt her or cause her life to be destroyed. She still seems to not believe him and they are both crying despite having closed a few doors on things that needed to be closed. Josh leaves.

Aiden reluctantly takes Henry to see Sirin. We see flashbacks to her ultimate breakdown 80 years ago after finding Henry with another woman and her subsequent attack on said person which caused her to be put to ground. She is obviously not in a very forgiving mood but for Aiden she offers the only justified option for Henry to return and not be killed: she will skin him alive at her leisure. Aiden leaves, screams erupting from the room after the doors shut.

Sally tries to talk to Stevie believing he is innocent of what the Reaper told her but the more they talk the more she realizes that he is darker than she thought. Only his form looks like the boy that killed himself so many years ago. She know now what needs to be done but still can’t find the ability to do it as the Reaper shreds Stevie to her horror.

The next day, Emily leaves Josh after they have a much needed chat about his exes and life in general. He seems happy to have seen her, his sister his anchor, but Josh is obviously still torn by the two women he’s obviously messed up because of his curse.

Everyone is dealing with some kind of life changing heartbreak in this episode: Sally with her possible new life as a reaper, Aiden trying to protect Henry but feeling guilty over killing Bishop’s orphans, and Josh losing Nora to the very curse he’s tried to escape, not to mention coming to terms with Julia, the woman he left without a word.

Some memorable Being Human season 2 quotes:

  • Josh: How is it you look so fresh?
  • Emily: I find a good puke cleanses the pores.
  • Josh: No, actually it’s… quite appropriately rated. When people think they want to be edgy and rebellious, really all they want is a cozy house to come home to and deal with someone who loves them.
  • Emily: What is this? Prairie Home Companion??
  • Aiden: What did you learn about yourself?
  • Sally: I’m still learning… (dissipating)

Written by Elle DeeGee, find her on twitter @j3nnee

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” written by Nancy Won. Directed by Stefan Schwartz. Starring Meagan Rath, Sam Witwer and Sam Huntington.