The hit Canadian TV show, Being Erica, will absolutely and positively have a season 3.  But not nearly enough of you are hip to knowing about the series! And trust us, you don’t want to stay ignorant about it anymore. The show stars a familiar face for those who watch Life Unexpected. Why is that? Erin Karpluk plays Alice, Cate and Ryan’s producer on LUX, and she’s the title character for Being Erica. Season one and two of Being Erica are still on Hulu, and we’d highly encourage you to watch this amaaaazing show. (And when you say it, say it with the extra “a” sound!)

Production on season 3 in Toronto has already started according to Temple Street Productions and CBC Television. From the scenes in the first two seasons, we know that Toronto is gorgeous. Like, unfairly gorgeous.

The cast for season 3 includes the talented Erin Karpluk as What-Will-Frickin-Happen-to-Her-Next Erica Strange, Michael Riley as the mysterious Dr. Tom, Reagan Pasternak as persnickety Julianne, Kathlee Laskey as nurturing Barb Strange, John Boylan as free-spirited Gary Strange, Joanna Douglas as vulnerable Samantha Strange, and Morgan Kelly as the snarktastic Brent.

The press release says that Sebastian Pigott will return as barrister/musician Kai Booker, although we’re not sure how the plot will work with him back (but are very glad this is true!) The name noticeably missing from this list  is Erica’s ex-boyfriend, Ethan, played by Tyron Leitso (Wonderfalls.) He’s a great actor, and we wish him well on his next venture! And in the meantime, as it pertains to Erica Strange, we love her with Kai! Even if it means starting with  a version of him that doesn’t actually recognize her, their connection was so OMGPLEASEKISSNOW all throughout season 2.

Newcomers this season include Adam (Adam Fergus) who both befriends Erica and is a thorn in her side; Lenin (Brandon Jay McLaren), a new love interest for Samantha; the “bear” couple Dave (Bill Turnbull) and Ivan (Michael Northey), new owners of Goblins café; and the all-powerful Dr. Arthur played by Oscar-nominated actor Graham Greene.

Transformation is the central theme for Season Three. Audiences will see Erica embark on a challenging new phase in her therapy with Dr. Tom, and watch her grapple with taking the next big step toward fulfilling her destiny.

If the people at places like ABC or The CW really gave this show a good look, they’d be trying anything and everything to lure it to their respective networks. That’s how good Being Erica has proven itself to be. Take it from us – we watch a lot of TV. Being Erica is not to be missed. (On a side note: Erica’s bathroom, pictured below, is really awesome. Who does the set decorating?! We want to pick their brain.)

Being Erica season 3 will have 13 episodes. It  begins on Tuesday September 22nd at Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Photos: / CBC / SOAPnet