I’ve made no secret of being excited about the new NBC series Love Bites. Read on to see if you can get just as excited about the potential in this series.

Becki Newton on Love Bites. Photo: NBCThese are the latest Love Bites clips, and they feature Becki Newton (Ugly Betty) and Greg Grunberg (Heroes). These behind-the-scenes clips from Love Bites will show you a tour of the Love Bites set, and some exclusive interviews. You can’t deny it, this show has swagger!

You can get updates from the official profiles on Facebook: Love Bites Facebook and Twitter: Love Bites Twitter for even more Love Bites. You can also check out the official NBC.com page for more updates over the summer: Love Bites Official Site.

Behind-the-Scenes with Becki Newton: Becki Newton introduces you to NBC’s new fall comedy, “Love Bites.”

Behind-the-Scenes of “Love Bites”: Greg Grunberg takes you behind-the-scenes of his new fall show, “Love Bites.”

Greg Grunberg on “Love Bites”: Greg Grunberg introduces his sexy, sexy character on “Love Bites.”

Becki Newton Talks “Love Bites”: Becki Newton introduces her virginal character on “Love Bites.”

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