Barney Stinson is our preferred bro when it comes to getting life advice.

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Barney typically has an answer to everything. Neil Patrick Harris. Photo: ABC

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As Marshall questioned the final decision to stay and be a judge, rather than move the family to Rome, per Lily’s dream…Barney didn’t think that Marshall should be dwelling so much. In fact, he had a very blunt piece of advice.

Barney Stinson: “Drink the blood of your vanquished enemy and move on!”

Now, this “vanquished enemy” in question was Lily – Marshall’s WIFE, so the advice was already flawed. Not to mention, you should always dwell a bit if you think you made the wrong choice and it’s a moral question. (Don’t dwell on whether you should have bought a car in navy blue instead of cobalt, that’s not worth it.)

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Maybe you don’t want to take advice from Barney Stinson all the time. After all, he took the saltine challenge. How I Met Your Mother season 9, episode 20. Photo credit: CBS

So, to paraphrase Barney’s own bro-friend, Tim Gunn, “use the Barney Stinson advice very thoughtfully.”

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This Barney Stinson advice was issued in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 20 – “Daisy.”