We’ll give them this: at least they’re not trying to partner up Mad Men with J-Crew! (Nothing against either store, but we especially can’t picture Joan Holloway in a J-Crew outfit.) The more we think about it, okay – maybe Betty Draper would have worn Banana Republic‘s clothing had the store been around in the 60’s. I mean, a pencil skirt is a pencil skirt!  The men would have been able to shop there too, sure – but suits are suits. (They’re boring, and it’s often difficult to tell a decently mid-priced suit from an more expensive one unless you’re a suit connoisseur.)

We certainly do like that big black messenger bag, would a modern day Peggy like it too? Ph: AMC/Banana Republic

Why are we even talking about this? Because Mad Men and Banana Republic have paired up yet again. The store will be promoting Mad Men season 4 with their store windows, some how-to style guides, online instructional videos, and a contest where just one lucky customer wins a walk-on role for the series (probably for season 4 finale, as we suspect much of season 4 has already been shot.)

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Click to enlarge. Collage by us, images from AMC and Banana Republic.

To have a chance at that unnamed role, go to your nearest Banana Republic in the USA or Canada and pick up a ticket between between July 21th and August 11th.

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