Proving that men act as catty as women, the 2013 season of bachelor’s from Des Hartsock’s season got together last night to moan and whine. But they weren’t the only ones rubbing some the wrong way.

desiree hartsock

Desiree Hartsock went toe to toe with her season’s villaisn on Bachelorette The Men Tell All. Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Before meeting up with the offed Bachelors (who all still had their heads, thank you very much!), Desiree took part in a forced bonding moment with Emily Maynard, Ashley Hebert and Ali Fedotowsky. Maynard is still a loveable spitfire at times, and really helped Desiree know she shouldn’t take crap from any of the guys for the Men Tell All who are trying to redeem themselves on camera.

Still, as we watched all the fans on Twitter, many people took a turn from criticizing the “boys” (surely they weren’t .. as James would say, “real men”) to criticize Desiree. While some thought she held her own (even if they thought her sparkly dress too short) others complained she was being bratty and too severe.

Of course, many fans sent Des actual hate mail after she eliminated Juan Pablo! Which seems unfair, if she didn’t merge with him…then they weren’t a right pairing.

But forget about all of that, we’re curious as to what YOU think.

We know you definitely watched The Men Tell all special, and now we wanna know if you were annoyed by Desiree and thought she was too tough, or thought she was as sweet and lovely as ever while still sticking up for herself.

Basically, did your opinion on her sweet spirit sway at all after last nights Bachelorette 2013 show?!?

Tell us below!

We aren’t done with you yet! Where you going so fast?!


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