On The Bachelorette, Sean managed to pull one over on Emily.

Sean Lowe greeted Emily Maynard in his hometown with his dogs – which is totally cheating. Dogs are amazing. People even rent dogs for dates, that is how amazing they are.

Sean is a stand-up guy, and it’s hard not to love him. He reeks l’eau de Sincerity & Wholesomeness.  Emily’s problem with Sean is that she thinks he’s too perfect to be real. This is when the show should have revealed that he’s a HOLOGRAM!

While meeting Sean’s family, Emily was then told that he still lives with his family. “I feel more comfortable here,” he explained. And Emily was not pleased, in fact she was re-thinking everything.

So.. then it was time to see Sean’s room. A total mess. With stuffed animals. Old food. Trash.

“He’s a mess, and he’s really into stuffed animals,” Emily said in horror to the cameras. Yea, she was so over him in that moment. … But it was all a hoax! Man, I totally believed it. Which is dumb because that mess was too perfectly staged to have been real. It was really fun that Sean’s entire family was in on the joke.

At the end of their time together, Sean chased down her car to get another kiss. It was cute. But will it be enough to secure her hand in marriage? Time (and Bachelorette spoilers) will tell!)

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