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Jillian Harris is the Bachelorette

If you’ve been following ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” you know that eponymous Jillian Harris kept country music “singer” Wes around until the Final Four, despite the fact that everyone in the whole world watching the show could tell that he was a lying, scummy, smarmy, not-that-talented-of-a-singer disgusting jerk. See what she has to say about good ol’ Wes after the jump.

In her blog over on People.com, Jillian says, “So … Wes! I know I kept him for WAY too long. I FULLY admit this. Someone on here wrote the truest way to explain it — it’s like you’re watching a horror movie that you starred in … And all your friends are yelling at you, “He’s behind you! He’s behind you!” Ha. There are so many ways to explain my connection with Wes. I cringe to admit this, but I truly was blinded by many of Wes’s “good qualities” for the better half of his stay that I refused to see all the red flags (and there were a lot of them!).”

She goes on to say that forgiveness is big part of her and she hopes that people can lay the Wes stuff to rest.

I’m sure he got edited to be as villainy as possible, but still… Wes is gross and he should’ve gone home long before now. The horror movie analogy is apropos; all season I have been yelling at Jillian to get rid of him.

Make Your Ex Want You Back Quickly