Can a bad hometown date ruin an engagement? It seems like Arie’s family may have put Emily off that course on The Bachelorette.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Emily Maynard had a hometown date in Arizona that was based around racing. And I had to agree with Emily that Arie looked “stupid hot”. And I never even watched that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman movie about car racing…. I just know a goose is involved in it. Anyway! Arie took her on a ride, and she said he was a “smooth driver”. Heh. Dirty. Heh!

Arie’s parents are “so European” which meant they are “very open”. (According to him.) I actually found them to be kind of cryptic.

Good news, America: Arie has two twin brothers! Who … both rock the Justin Bieber haircut. Okaaaay.

Arie’s Mom seemed generally annoyed, and then started talking in Dutch… so then everyone was talking in Dutch… (even Arie!) This made Emily feel awkward. Duh! Finally, Arie put a stop to it. But he should have stopped it right away.

When Arie’s Mom and Emily had a chat. Mama wanted to know what happened with Brad Womack. (We all do!) She said she didn’t know fundamental, basic things about him and his priorities. (Was Womack a secret Satanist? What was the issue?)

Arie’s family wasn’t as warm to Emily as the other families… and it definitely seemed like she didn’t feel comfortable there. Will that be a breaking point for her? Maybe. After all, you do marry into an entire family.

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