Will you be happy if Michael Stagliano wins Bachelor Pad 3? He’s a front runner, getting lots of date invites and winning challenges!

Even though the Olympics are still going on, there is no hiatus for Bachelor Pad 3. Which seems … wrong. Right?

There’s eight men and eight women left. I don’t currently have a favorite. This is distressing. Normally I’d like Lindzi Cox, but her liking Kalon really bugs me…

To catch you up… Sarah was upset about upsetting Ed, in saying she’d voted for him. And we went to a shot of Ed where he looked briefly like Dean Cain, and I had a flashback to Superman with Teri Hatcher.

Jaclyn of the unfortunate face tried to console Ed, revealing to the camera that she doesn’t want him to leave because she’d lose her partner and then be kicked off. As Ed talked about how hard the experience was, Jaclyn kept insisting he stay. Ed found her to be loyal. I’d call that selfish. He was upset and wanted to leave, and she said he had to stay for her? Selfish!

The challenge of the night was an obstacle course that looked messy and gross. There was a vat of ice cream with foam, a hot fudge slide, a field of whipped cream, buckets of nuts and a cherry to eat. “Hot Sludge Funday” was the name of this treat.

Though this was a couple challenge, but the partners were randomly assigned. Because that’s more fun!

Kalon McMahon and Erica Rose were partners. Excuse me while I cackle. (I dislike them both.) … And Kalon had a “funny” comment about how Erica could just eat the ice cream Pac Man style, so they might win. Seriously?

Michael Stagliano continues to be adorable and cute and generally amazing.

Jaclyn was the slowest girl, by a mile.

David and Michael were so close to a tie that the tape had to be reviewed in order to see who won. David won. He invited Blakely, Erica (wtf?), and Jamie. Blakely wanted the rose, but David gave it to Jamie. For a fan that no one likes, David has really become a strong competitor. Though he likes Jamie, she was more interested in the musical talent at their prom date.

Rachel Truehart was the winning girl. She picked Nick, Tony, and Michael for her date. She has a major thing for Michael. And he feels the same way. It’s sweet. And I was glad Rachel invited two guys who haven’t gone out on a date yet. Of course, Tony started playing the “I have a kid, give me the rose” card, which was annoying. The date took part at a wax museum, and they were then made to look like wax figures of themselves, too for “The Bachelor Experience.” The three of them then stood, as “wax” figures to scare people. But do fans really know these people? Michael, sure. But even I hardly know much about Nick or Tony! (Tony had the egg, that’s what I remember.)

It was fun when Michael told the camera how he “solidly” wanted to “scare the crap out of some teenage girls.”

Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon continue to be cuddly. This makes me wonder if he drugged her, because she’s too smart to be with such a jerk!

Sarah watched as Ed hooked up with Jaclyn.

Jamie got all dolled up to hangout with Chris Bukowski, who rejected her. He was tired. Ouch. While she keeps threatening to stop being interested in him, her actions say otherwise. And he can read that loud and clear. I feel bad for her, but also think she’s being way too dumb. C’mon! You’re better than this. Or at least you should be. Still, it was hard to watch her talk about how she’d just love to have a family and have her kids see her fall in love on TV. Ideal, maybe, but likely? That’s tough.

Who went home on The Bachelor Pad? Reid and Donna. Are you happy, upset, hungry? Let me know.

Bachelor Pad 3 Recap

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