On episode two of Bachelor Pad season 3, twins Brittany and Erica demonstrated their bipolar-like mood swings, further cementing people’s dislike of them. They’re short, arrogant, (likely fame-chasers), they’re annoying, and … well, they certainly do dress tacky. Thing is, I just can’t think of anything nice to say about them.

“Every guys’ fantasy is twins… but, I don’t think they’ve met these twins yet,” said Lindzi Cox in a camera interview on Bachelor Pad.

I did a little light googling and realized it’s Brittany Taltso and Erica Taltos, who dated Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from Jersey Shore while they were all in Italy. And here I thought they had embarrassed themselves to the full extent on national TV already.

I was wrong.

They didn’t get much screentime in the first hour and a half of Bachelor Pad this Monday. But later we saw them acting up. Everyone was sleeping, and the two were dramatically fighting and waking everyone else up. That’s one way to get attention.

One of the twins wanted to leave, and the other didn’t. But since they’re playing as one person, it means they’d both have to leave.

Apparently, they were arguing and crying for seven hours that night. Knowing that tensions between sisters can be tense, I couldn’t decide if they were doing this on purpose for the cameras for just because they were exploding and that’s how they are. Erica said goodbye to Dave, who wasn’t awake enough to know what was happening.

Everyone was glad to see them leave. Although it was shocking that they actually did leave. Bickering the whole way home, I’m sure.

(As they made their exit, we saw Lindzi Cox snuggling with Kalon McMahon – noooo!)

Michael Stagliano mentioned that he’s never met people quite like this. He also likened them to mosquito’s that buzz in your ear and never stop.

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