The Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon romance has begun to flourish on Bachelor Pad 3. Meanwhile, Chris Bukowski has emerged as a jerk, and those awful twins left!

Let’s remind you… David, the dumb fan that he was, had told Erica Rose he was voting for her. And he wasn’t even voting for her to leave out of hatred, just out of thinking it would be easiest to get her out with one vote in her favor already. Well, this game isn’t about what’s easy! I hardly watched it last season, and I still know that. Someone was going home, and it could be anyone. David gave fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette a really bad fan. The alumni now feel even more cemented in their decision to vote the fans out.

And while fans at home might have taken offense to that snobbery (which was displayed in the first episode by most people, especially Rachel Truehart) now that the personalities of the remaining fans are so dim-witted, no one can hold it against the alumni. I’m disappointed it was made so easy for the alumni to be judgmental. It would have been a nice reality check to see how some of the “stars” of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette would really treat fans like us.

For their challenge, it was time to do rhythmic gymnastics. It was a nice Olympic tie-in, I guess. (I’m so not into the Olympics.) Everyone struggled to learn their routine. Erica Rose was the worst of the girls. Donna Zitelli, Jamie Otis and Blakely Shea both were into learning the moves.

Unfortunate spandex costumes ensued. And to judge the madness? Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum, along with Olympic Medalist Tasha Sweiger.

Kalon McMahon also had a gem of a quote about the girls as they danced, “Shopping and gymnastics, like what the BLEEP else do you have to do in your life?”

Surprisingly, the guys did better than the girls. Why? Because they worked as a team, and used lots of humor to deflect their embarrassment. It was a performance, and it was entertaining. The girls were just flopping out there. Chris Harrison said of the men, “That was stunningly good.”

The worst performance from a man was Ed Swiderski and the worst from a woman was Erica Rose. The best? Blakely Shea and Michael Stagliano.

This put a problem in Chris Bukowski’s plan to ditch Blakely. He admitted to the camera that he’d be staying with her this week now. See, he’s handsome and people trust him because Emily Maynard trusted him… but he’s actually kind of a jerk.

Erica Rose was pissed that Michael didn’t save her a date. Instead he took Lindzi Cox, Donna Zitelli and Rachel Truehart. Donna was incredibly excited, but bummed to see Michael and Rachel sharing a kiss and really hitting it off. Donna showed him a pictured she’d drawn of him, and then he felt compelled to make out with her a little. In the end, the rose went to Rachel. Donna was left to re-read “He’s Just Not that Into You.”

Dear, sweet Ryan decided to help Jamie Otis celebrate her birthday with a cake and sushi and all that. Ryan actually seemed into Jamie, but Jamie was trying to get time alone with Chris Bukowski to steal him from Blakely Shea. But Ryan let Jamie know that Chris said they should all stay with their partners. That annoyed Jamie. Instead of seeing how sweet Ryan was being, she just got ready to murder Bukowski! But Chris soothed her. He’s clearly playing the game, not in it for love. He was talking about how he can manipulate Jamie to do what he wants. “It’s not typical of me to sweet talk a girl if I don’t mean it.. but I’m here playing a game… and this is part of the game.” Man oh man!

Chris reassured Blakely about their partnership, and said he was playing Jamie. He said it wasn’t a big deal to spend the night with Blakely if it meant keeping her happy. Meanwhile, Jamie went looking for Chris so they could spend the night together. But she saw Chris and Blakely making out in the bottom bunk and the message was clear.

When Blakley told Chris that she’d love to take David on the date, since he’s a fan and it would be nice… he totally shut her down. She choose Chris, Ed, and… David! Way to go, Blakely! She told the cameras it was to show Chris he doesn’t have all the power. But I also really think she just thought it would be nice. And while I’ve never been a major fan of Blakely, this made me like her more than I ever have. Especially since you get the feeling all of these fans are going to be kicked off pretty soon.

They had to decorate little go-karts. David used a rose emblem. Ed made his a pickle (“In a pickle”) since he had a vote against him already. Chris made his “Team Bliss” for Blakely/Chris, and the other side said 250k. Chris is only in this for the money. He got the rose.

There was some drama with the twins leaving. This meant no girls were getting voted off that night.

Kalon planted the idea that David shouldn’t be voted off. Lindzi Cox told the girls. And everyone then decided to vote off Ryan! But then a bunch of other girls decided to vote off Ed.

Ryan was the one who left. Ed stayed. Jamie was happy to be a free agent, but is also delusional with her crush on Jamie and said she can only go far if she’s partners with him.

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