The final two Bachelor Pad 3 couples have been revealed! And that means that there’s just one more episode of this show left before we can move on to more respectable reality shows like The Bachelor. (And that’s saying something.)

The four remaining couples competed competed in a (swing/trivia blah blah) challenge, but there was a twist. Instead of winning roses, the winning couple got to eliminate a couple from the game.

Yea, things just got interesting.

This was good news for Chris and Sarah, as they got to eliminate Blakeley and Tony from the game.

Another challenge then took place, involving a karaoke contest and the requisite bad singing that you’d hope to avoid most of the time. Nick and Rachel won this challenge, and they picked Chris and Sarah to stay around for the finale.

This brings about two important notes:

Chris Bukowski might win. Which would be bad, because he was more of a villain this season than even Kalon McMahon was.

Rachel Truehart didn’t ensure Ed and Jaclyn were picked, even though Rachel and Jaclyn are friends. That’s harsh!

Who do you hope is the Bachelor Pad 3 winner? Chris and Sarah, or Rachel and Nick?

Bachelor Pad 3 Photo: ABC/TODD WAWRYCHUK

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