On Bachelor Pad 2011 there were 3 big reveals that seem noteworthy. Let’s review, okay?

bachelor pad 2011

Reveal #3: Graham and Michelle won the Nearlywed game by beating the system and pregaming what answers they’d give. For instance, the answer to any genderless name question would be “Mike.” And the answer to a numbered question would be 7. This was funny when Graham then had to say he lost his virginity at age 7. Man!

Reveal #2: There’s a new Anna Faris moving coming out. It was smartly integrated into the show by having Graham and Michelle watching it while in the pool. Then we heard them talking about what they though tof the movie, and also about their date. That’s the best selling point you can have – that your movie is a romantic comedy that will lead to kissing, perhaps while half-naked in a gorgeous pool. The name of the movie was never revealed so I had to google it. It’s called “What’s Your Number?” and it costars Chris Evans, and even has Zachary Quinto. Yea, I’ll be watching this. And hole a minute, also with cameos in the movie are Joel McHale (Community), Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation), Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation), Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings)? Damn, they don’t need to promote this movie all that much if they’ve got all those names. Srsly!

Reveal #1: We’re going to use someone’s quote to kick this off. “Kasey and Vienna burst into the kitchen saying ‘he ripped the ring off my finger because I wouldn’t have sex with him.” I can’t remember who said that, Kirk or Blake. Either way, that seemed to be the truth since Vienna and Kasey kept fighting about this. “No is no,” Vienna said. “I told you I didn’t wanna do it in this house.” Looks like Sex is off the table. “You’re sexually frustrated, Kasey.” He gave her an ultimatum while saying it wasn’t an ultimatum. The ultimatum? That she had to come downstairs and cuddle with him or he was going to leave. Wow. He’s not a baby at all. “This is a mansion, not a trailer park,” Erica said. We heard Vienna say, “Let’s just get this over with,” and a fade out on them in bed under the covers. So…did Kasey annoy his girlfriend into sex?

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