Vienna, Erica, Justin, Kasey… Even with the educated and elegant Ames being on The Bachelor Pad 2011, most of the dingaling’s on the show are not brain trusts. Below, we highlight some of their words of wisdom.

“It’s been hard being crazy Michelle.” – Michelle Money

“I’m competitive. And I’m awesome.” – Vienna

“I’m wearing my tiara and justice will be served…” – Erica

“My astrologer thinks that I am going to win Bachelor Pad.” – Erica

“Forget love. Love’s a waste of time.” – Justin “The Wrestler”

“Everyone knows I want him off. Which is my plan, my strategy, to get him off.” – Kasey

“I’m trying to see if there’s some place you can just lock…and release all the pressure.” – Jake

“It was worse than childbirth.” – Ella, talking about hanging from a guy

“Um, they showed up in an elephant at the door.” – Gia, about the Trojan Horse

“The best way I can describe it was torture.” – Vienna, on Jake’s apology

“Jake is a master manipulator. But guess what, you’re not better than me.” – Kasey

“I should be in that house. Doing what I do best. Taking over.” – Justin “The Wrestler”

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