It’s time for another episode of Bachelor Pad 2011! Are you ready for all the crying?

bachelor pad 2011

  • In a challenge, contestants had eggs thrown at them if they were the targeted answer for questions like “who is most likely to cheat” and “who is the least attractive woman here?” The big targets were Jake and Erica. Michael and Melissa were the winners.
  • Feeling guilty for winning, Michael included Erica in a group date. But it turned out not to be very nice since it was a trip to an abandoned hospital basement.  Just a tip, guys? You don’t have a seance by holding hands and calling out for a spirit.
  • Vienna continued her campaign of bad-mouthing Jake. He apparently treated her like a possession. “Things that he’s done to me are unforgivable.” Cue, Jake walking in to ask “V” for help. DUNDUNDUN. (But she said no. So he approached Kasey and Vienna later.)
  • Jake said he would donate every single penny of the money he’d win on this show, even though he’s in debt. Yea, he’s believable.

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  • Blake said he felt he had to “whore” himself out to keep Melissa happy.
  • Melissa said, “I came here to prove that I’m a fun, nice person. I’m awesome. I think.”
  • “You guys already forced us to go on national TV and have a breakup,” Vienna said to Chris. But Chris pointed out that she isn’t forced to be here at all.
  • All gentlemen were saved tonight, and two women had to go home.
  • Kasey told Gia something and she got mad at Graham and decided to pack her bags and go home. Blah blah blah. “I’ve never met such devious people…” Isn’t the point of this show to meet devious people?
  • Vienna likely would have been booted, but Kasey made Gia so paranoid that she was the one getting booted that she just left the game.
  • The real winners of this game are Jackie and Ames because they fell in lurve.
  • When Jackie was eliminated, Ames ran after her and left, too. But uh, Ames is already a millionaire or something.

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