In this episode of The Bachelor 2011, Brad went to visit the four remaining women in their hometowns. And at the end we said goodbye to Shawntel.

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Chantal and Brad: She’s got pets! Four animals. And Brad isn’t in love with them. But he does want to be friends with the one dog. However, does he want to marry Chantal? It’s weird to hear the two talk about their possible future home and closet space when it feels like they really haven’t properly dated.

Brad met her parents, and they live in a very nice house. He also told the parents how Chantal slapped him the first time they met. She was mortified, and so it was hilarious. Her family drank wine, had a pompous statue, and were kind of cold. I never realized how prissy Chantal was.

Ashley H. and Brad: She lived in a French area of Maine and wanted him to eat fries with cheese and gravy (poutine.) She was bubbly, happy, and actually likable all of a sudden. They shopped for lobsters and when they met her family they were so happy and warm. They were adorable together. This duo won me over as a couple.

Ashley’s parents know she’s ready to start her life as she’s finishing school, and they’re very much fans of Brad.

Shawntel and Brad: Well, the show decided to hype up how she is a funeral director. She wants to be cremated after death, but Brad doesn’t want to talk about death. Brad isn’t happy about how if they get married she’ll have conversations about this stuff…embalming…cremating…death. Shawntel is a little too into her instruments. And she knows she is, so why did she keep going?  This was their first date. Well, not their first date, but their first date in her home town.

Shawntel’s Dad wanted her to know she is part of the community and has to take over the business and she’d be missed way too much. All of her Dad’s plans are going to be RUINED. Her parents are not a fan of Brad, they’re concerned. I’m not invested in her or their relationship.

Emily and Brad: The kid didn’t warm up to him, but finally did. Brad didn’t want to kiss Emily because it wasn’t respectful, but she freaked out and he finally did kiss her. Dammit, they’re pretty cute. But she’s awfully boring.

Rose call-out order: Ashley H, Emily, Chantal O.

Meaning that Shawntel was eliminated on The Bachelor last night. She accepted it gracefully, but was visibly upset. She also said she’d never met a  guy who had treated her so well? Well, listen. No guy has ever been on national TV during their dates, or had the means to take her to all those places! You could fall in love with any guy doing that stuff for you. “He treated me like a princess.”

He treated her like such a princess. Totally. Her and the seven to eight other princesses he routinely has been confessing his love for.

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