With this stylish new ‘do, Tamara seems to have inherited some newfound self-confidence. (Oh man, if only it were that easy for all of us.)

jillian rose reed

On MTV’s Awkward, Jillian Rose Reed plays the sassy Tamara. Photo: MTV. Insightful Hair commentary: Moi!

We have long been fans of Awkward (MTV) on Small Screen Scoop. In fact, we’ve even had an exclusive Jillian Rose Reed interview that you should absolutely-positively read before you do anything else today.

For Awkward season 3, we were graced by a newly cultured Tamara and her brand new hair cut. Previously, her hair was always long,  down to the whazzo. But now, it’s a blunt Rachel Green (Friends) type of cut that swings nicely over the shoulders. In fact, it’s perfect for the Summer even if you won’t be in France. (And let’s face us, who among us is THAT lucky?)

Jillian Rose Reed Hair Spotlight

jillian rose reed

Here’s Tamara and Jake (Brett Davern.) A tres cute couple. And he’s brave for wearing a purple shirt, while she’s brave for rocking a beret with suspenders. Somehow? It works for them both.

awkward tamara and jake

The hair is super good for squeezing in dramatic PDA. Look how it catches the light. Are those natural highlights?

awkward tamara hair

The hair looks great with a headband. Very “sweet.” The perfect disguise for when you plan to be bad.

jillian rose reed hair

More Jillian Rose Reed hair to oogle.

jillian rose reed awkward

I feel like what she’s thinking is along the lines of, “Yikersyamazata!”


jillian rose reed hair

One more picture from Awkward season 3.

ashley rickards

Will Jenna (Ashley Rickards) ever change her hair? Hmmm. No, I think she’s sticking with the side braid. It works for her.

Define the relationship. DTR. Just do it.

Define the relationship. DTR. Just do it.


All photos courtesy of MTV. The series airs Tuesdays at 10 pm EST.