Viewers went back to high school during the Awkward season 3 premiere on MTV last night.

awkward season 3

Awkward Season 3, Photo: MTV

MTV aired two episodes for the premiere, titles “Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes” and “Responsibly Irresponsible.” All in all, the tone was wacky and dark. I am so thankful to the show creator Lauren Iungerich for giving us this surprisingly show.

Here are a few key points of note…

These episodes brought a new teacher, Mr. Heart. Played by Anthony Michael Hall, Mr. Heart is there to teach creative writing and scare the crap out of the kids in the meantime. This is an accurate portrayal of what the meanest teacher in high school seemed like….ruthless, unstoppable, and unfair.

awkward season 3

Kyle (Wesam Keesh) is around more. Before he was just the …”goth kid” who kind of stalked Jenna and wore lots of T-shirts with phrases on them. But he’s coming out of his shell to share his morbid thoughts with us all.

Lacey was way too excited about a girl in Jenna’s class being pregnant. But, that’s her character. In fact, she really would be excited if Jenna was pregnant. And we have to just accept and love Lacey for who she is. (And it doesn’t help that I love Nikki DeLoach so much.)

Ricky Schwartz is gone, and he left behind a lot of really inappropriate art. I’ll pour a little out for him.


Much like The Rachel, Tamara’s new hairdo is revolutionary. And it’s such a good look for her! Jillian Rose Reed is looking great.

Nolan Gerard Funk has been introduced to the show as the Justin Bieber-esque Collin Jennings. Do you think he’ll cause a problem in the Jenna-Matty-Jake love triangle? (You might recognize Funk from his part as Hunter on Glee.)

Awkward Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10 pm EST on MTV.