Tonight on Awkward season 3, the boys had a BroBQ and tried to avoid their vices. But, of course, the big story here was Colin and Jenna…


Here are the best things from the episode

Tamara will cut a b$tch! And she’s going to pee all over Jake. Sounds…like Tamara!

“You guys have raging hormones, which unfortunately I can smell.”

“I’m telling you, he’s a cunning and brilliant sociopath.”

Soda boarding? “Think about it, the bubbles would make it a lot worse.”

“He basically called me a p#ssy in class!” – Jenna

“If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s probably a p#ssy.”

August 26th!

I love how supportive Jake is. “What is it you don’t want us to come to that we’re coming to?”

Bro BQ

“You hungry? I’m hungry. You wanna make us pizza?” – Tamara

How did I never realize what perfect friends Tamara and Jenna’s Mom would be.

What teenager can avoid their phone for even an hour? Come on.

TLC mention! Crazy Sexy Cool was the best album from the 90’s.

She should have cleared this with Matty before posting it online or reading it online…not because he could tell her not to, but just to warn him.

Totally cannot believe Jenna and her Mom are SO cool with each other that they can talk about her virginity like that.

You know, I like Jake a lot but I DO have to admit I like Matty more.

This “I dare you” storyline is actually very believable. Boys are stupid like this. ;p That Cinnamon can kill you, dude!

Sadie is just annoying me.

Sometimes it’s hard to like Jenna because everything she does she is magically pretty wonderful at.

Oh yea, it’s weird that her teacher was there and heard her story. Damn.

Yea, she’s in. IN TROUBLE because this dude likes her.

Jake is shaving his legs. Nice.

Lacey knows that Colin likes Jenna. See. Mom’s are smart.

Series created by Lauren Iungerich