This episode of Awkward was thoroughly charming, and completely delightful.


For anyone not loving Jenna with Matty, “Indecent Exposure” probably helped turn that around. Seriously, I’ve never felt more dreamy-eyed for Matty (Beau Mirchoff) than I do now.

Tamara and Sadie’s sleepover was a disappointment for me. The storyline itself seemed slightly predictable and forced. And then with the Ricky Schwartz murder stuff…I just felt sad. Plus, why does Tamara let herself be treated so badly by Sadie? Why not just leave?

Lissa must have lost her virginity to Ricky Schwartz…don’t you think?

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Here are the best things from the episode

Matty bought Jenna tampons. That’s sweet.

I loved seeing him typing on her blog.

Val still, and always, will wear kooky clothing. I like this attention to detail. She had on a fanny pack, guys. Or maybe we should call it a hand’s free belt satchel?

A dash and drizzle.

The lunch bags with drawings on them! Get out of town.

Booze schmooze.

Pom pom hygiene. (Uh, don’t throw them into dirt?)

Tamara is a cheerleader! It’s very exciting! That’s why I must use exclamation points!

“There’s no instruction manual on how to parent. Sometimes our kids have to teach us what we need.” – Lacey

Cheerultimate! Not cheeralternate.

“Guys, I brought Tangled!”

“I’m a snuggle bug. Any warm body will do.” – Tamara

The key to sleepovers IS not to sleep until it’s over.

“What about the real housewives?” – Tamara
“It’s like they were never real at all.” – Jenna (Who I never pegged as a girl who would watch any of those shows, actually…)

Series created by Lauren Iungerich.