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Awkward Season 3 Episode 3

Awkward Season 3, Episode 3 A Little Less Conversation Review

So, first up, this episode gets major bingo points for the title. Elvis. So classic. It says it all through…subterfuge…or something. Point is, I dig it.

I felt so bad for Tamara with how Jenna was intruding on Jake. I was wondering when they’d get to this, and they waited two episodes! Man oh man. But now, it’s on. The weirdness has begun. And you know Jenna will eventually want Jake back, but will have to screw over Tamara to do it.

Jenna was annoying this entire episode. Usually, she’s only 20% annoying. This time it was like a solid 89% of “shut the eff up, girl.” She was being pretty immature, right? At least we got some of a relief from that by the end of the episode.

Jenna and Matty had a really sweet conservation at the end of the episode. But do you think they’re gonna be together until the end? Hmmm. I’d bet on yet. But I’m a romantic.

Here are the best things from the episode:

A Peanut free zone. A pea-not zone? “Nut check.” “When was the last time you had a nut in your mouth?”

“I’d say it’s pretty clear blue easy.” – Tamara

Couples share e-mail accounts?

“It’s chill. I’m already over it.” – Tamara

“He sure babe’d you? … ‘Sure babe ‘is one step away from ‘whatever honey’ which is the gateway phrase to ‘take care’ which we all know is…the end.” – Tamara

Ginger skank!


Oh, I just remembered, or thought of, who Tamara reminds me of. Six from Blossom! …Okay, yes, I’m likely older than you. But not too much! …Dammit. (I’m not old enough to remember “stranger danger” really.)

“Chinese fire drill! No offense.” – Tamara

“Safe to unfasten my insecurity belt.” – Jenna

“No, I need to use the bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom.” – Tamara

Jakenna is dead and Jakara is in business!


Talk block!