Inevitably in life, your parents will introduce you to someone as your “aunt” this or “uncle” that, even though you’re all aware that this person isn’t related to you at all. In the case of Jenna Hamilton (or Lil Bitch)  on MTV’s Awkward, that person is her Mom’s BFF, Ally. As one might imagine, Ally was none too happy about her bestie having an annoying kid. And she hasn’t warmed up to her much as the years went on. But a major party helped mend things. And although I wasn’t in attendance at this kegger, my head is pounding so let’s get right to the nitty gritty of my favorite parts of the episode. I’m sad to say that this was probably one of my least favorite episodes so far.

  • “And your kid needs a makeover.” – Ally
  • “Think about the red cup photo opps!” – Tamara
  • “Why are you so nice, you’re like a puppy.” – Jenna
  • Slang: Digitized (it’s dirty, yes), kickback (10/12 peeps max), funk, “download” (as in, we really need to download/update with each other), PDA’s (just what you think, but used as a verb!)

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  • Tamara claimed she wrote the letter. Do you believe her? I keep changing my mind. But I think that she did, indeed, write the letter. And in which case, UNCOOL, sista friend. Isn’t she even the one who blamed Sadie about it? And in this era of internet, why didn’t she just e-mail it? Or am I totally forgetting that she did e-mail it and Jenna printed it out? No, I think it came in the mail. Which is just weird.
  • Jenna made up with Ally by the end of the episode even though Ally drugged her, which has now led to her best friend hating her, plus tons of other random suckfest things like vomit and pee everywhere in her house. I would not be all that forgiving to someone who is already calling you “Lil Bitch” on the regular.
  • Making front page news = the party pics on Jenna’s site. But why is her site so popular and professional that people can upload random pics to it like it’s facebook? Turns out no news might be the best news, sometimes.

Awkward Episode Guide – Awkward Season 1 Episode 8
Title: The Adventures of Aunt Ally and Lil Bitch
Ally comes into town and makes Jenna throw a big party. Jenna and Tamara get into a fight.

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