Personally, I can’t wait for more of Collin Jennings (Nolan Gerard Funk.)



Matty has never read Jenna’s blog? Well, it was good since Jenna is updating her blog by saying how she was fantasizing about Colin instead of Matty. That seems like highly dangerous material to put on the internet.

Mr. Hart

Seriously, the teacher is way too pervy and would get fired in an instant. Sadie had the right idea. Him encouraging students to write about having sex with each other is far more than liberal, it would be illegal in most schools. And Then… Jenna’s paper being read by the teacher, Mr. Hart, was totally out of line!

New Love

Colin knows he’s making Jenna fall for him, and he’s a jerk because he’s enjoying it. The “make a wish” bit was totally over-the-top. Colin was definitely egging it all on.


The Best Parts of this Awkward Season 3 Episode

“I was phoning it in to my own booty call.” – Jenna
“Yes, anger management?” – Teacher about Sadie
The Kiss of Death from Becca to Ming over Fred Wu
“I see you’re on the writer’s diet.” – Colin
“And what would I confess, I had a one night stand, with the page?” – Jenna
“I’d rather take my chances with Becca than move to Idaho.” – Ming
The First Time I was Probed by Aliens
“I had nobody idea who Pandora was, but her box needed to stay closed so nobody else’s box would open.” – Jenna
“Don’t put those thoughts out into the universe. Last time I did that a guy ended up dead.” – Tamra
“Your relationship is a house of cards, don’t open the door for a breeze.” – Tamra
“You know how a white b#tch deals with an Asian b#tch? She gets in her face!” – Ming
“Full on banana pants.” – Jenna
“Are we having a family meeting?” – Lacey
Celebrity Sandwiches – haha!
“I don’t even own a pair of high heels or a cellular phone.”
“She doesn’t need a cell phone, she has telepathic powers.” – Ming
Ming is the new Asian Queen! Yay!

Series created by Lauren Iungerich.