Will MTV’s Awkward season 2 be as titillating as the first?

Well, I’ve never kept it a secret about how much I love Awkward on MTV, so now that season 2 has begun, we have to touch base!

Jenna’s Blog is not “Friend’s Only!”

Blogs get people into trouble with their professional lives, friends, family… basically you need to be careful about what you commit to putting out there in the world! For this reason, it’s a good idea to use fake names if you’re spilling any thoughts that are too personal or harsh.

I’d always watched Awkward with the idea that Jenna’s blog was either not actually online (just on her computer) or that it was friends locked to her good friends. (This is a popular option for Live Journal users.) But we learned that Jenna’s friends don’t even know her web URL! And, Jenna (Ashley Rickards) uses real names. This could get her in a lot of trouble now that someone has found her site in cyberspace and commented to let her know so. I’m surprised that with a snoopy Mom (Nikki DeLoach) and best friend (Jillian Rose Reed) that no one has gone on her laptop to look at the search history. But, okay. The world we live in is one where no one has officially found it. But by typing in “Matty, Jake, Jenna” it wouldn’t really be hard for someone mildly curious in a classmate to find. (Hello, we’re all online stalkers!)

All of that said, I’m interested to see who has found her blog. Part of me think it’s her Dad. Of course, there’s more drama if it’s someone else.

The Delayed Reaction (This is not a sexy pun)

Jenna had a curious reaction, here. Rather than have an explosive teenager reaction (don’t even pretend you weren’t prone to having them!), Jenna took a thoughtful and mature high road after realizing that her Mother had written her that carefrontation letter.

Jenna could have tried to really hurt her Mom by writing her own carefrontation letter to her, telling her to act her age, blah blah. Instead, Jenna simply took a swift and direct stab at her Mom (“This is who YOU are”).

It will be interesting to see if the Dad knew who had written the letter all along.

Love Triangle Woes

I can’t seem to stay on either team. Team Jake (Brett Davern) is the smart road, he’s nice and treats her well. Team Matty (Beau Mirchoff) is the dangerous, dumb road that probably has more emotional resonance for Jenna.

Additional Love:

  • Molly Tarlov and her character’s “you’re welcome” tone of condescension. Sadie’s bra was really cute. I tweeted Tarlov about this, then wondered if that was the strangest comment ever. But I can’t help that I am fashion obsessed!
  • Desi Lydic and her comedic nature.
  • Ditto for Jessica Lu. We don’t see a ton of Ming sometimes, but I love every time she’s on the screen.
  • Writer and creator Lauren Iungerich for her ability to tap into a real teenage world.
  • Greer Grammer and her hilarious way of being the “dumb blonde” that’s trying so hard to be good.

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