As a preface, I’m going to (kind of) insult Winona Ryder a little bit. Be prepared.

I don’t mean to play favorites, but Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) totally stole this episode from everyone else. But it wasn’t highway robbery, it was…what is a nice kind of stealing? Oh God, stop me before I make a Winona Ryder joke. (Who I respect so much, and seriously, I only thought of that because she was on Jimmy Fallon tonight!) Oh…so you want less of my neurotic rambling and more Awkward talk? Okay, fine!

Jenna and Tamara on Awkward Season 3. Photo: MTV

Jenna and Tamara on Awkward Season 3. Photo: MTV

Awkward Season 3, Episode 3 “A Little Less Conversation” Review

Last week’s episode was ‘okay’, but I wasn’t super psyched about it. But this week? This week kicked some serious behind.

We have to talk about sex. F’reals, ya’ll! I have a frenzy of notes.

We’ll start with Tamara. I already mentioned that I think she owned this episode. See, she’s not just comedic relief or a sidekick with great hair. She’s someone …just as important on the show as Jenna, really. Especially as she’s grown and we see more of her life in the episodes. Between her reactions to getting made a cheerleader, her reaction to her first time at sex (calling shenanigans, as most girls should) to her reaction of Jake’s (Brett Davern) minivan idea… she was just amazing.

Seeing Matty (Beau Mirchoff) walk into Jenna’s house with his parents was a fun moment. But man, his parents are awful. I’m not okay with the balance of how Matty had to apologize for taking Jenna’s virginity and then Jenna had to apologize for “letting him take it” rather than for also having sex with him. It makes it seem like the blame is all on the guy. When two people have sex, they are both making that decision. And if the parents are going to be mad, they should probably be mad at both of the kids at the same time. (Depending on situations/age differences, whatever other factors there might be to sway the blame.) Jenna’s apology was passive. I suppose we could say it means the same thing as Matty’s did, but the phrasing doesn’t make it seem so. They’re both apologizing for having sex, but the way they apologize says so much.


Of course, then we see that Matty’s parents were mad at Lacey (Nikki DeLoach) for giving Jenna birth control. As if, God forbid Lacey would help her daughter have safe sex. I mean, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that we’re on Lacey’s side with that. And it was infuriating to see Lacey getting talked down to! We already know she feels insecure around other parents sometimes, but she managed to stand strong and proud. She’s not a hippie, and her boobs are not real! Amen.

I literally have one note about Sadie (Molly Tarlov). And that is.. Sadie dishes it out ruthlessly but can’t take it. I have no clue why Lissa (Greer Grammer) is friends with her…have they explored that? I don’t understand the mindset of a character who is cruel, and then calls “foul” when someone else is cruel to them. But what I do understand is that there are plenty of people who think that way…especially in high school.


At the end of the episode, Matty showed up at Jenna’s door again. Alone. Do you think Matty was kicked out by his parents, or is he just making a statement?

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P.S. (Because I never forget this part) Here are the best things from the episode:

Ladies (and gentleman) I am here to tell you that olive oil DOES work for hair, skin, anywhere. But use only a tiny amount.

Five stages of grief for “his only daughter’s virginity.” – Mike Faiola did a great series of faces here. Talent!

“He’s right. Even though it doesn’t make sense to me.” – Lacey

First lady of hump-city.

France Trance.

Pre-sex selfie.

Generation Whatever – finally they have a name!

Mattie’s arrival with his parents, to Jenna’s house.

“I’m sorry I took your daughter’s virginity.”

“Maybe I’m gonna be kinky. Oh my God I’m so excited!” – Tamara

“And I am not a hippie. What hippie do you know has fake boobs?” – Lacey

“And you say nothing, cause I shut you up like this.” – Jake (It very romantic!)

“I’m still vajingling.” – Tamara

“I’m looking forward to figuring out this whole sex thing with you.” – Jake

Tamara’s post-sex pic. Well, post- I Love You pic.

“My Mother’s Greatest Humiliation – Me”

That’s it for this week!