The Awkward season 1 finale took part in two episodes titled “I am Jenna Hamilton” and “Fateful.” In these episodes we find out who Jenna picked, romantically. We also find out who wrote the letter. (Or did we?)

Awkward Review

Much like Jenna, in my head I feel that Jake is the right guy for her. But my heart? It has a soft spot for Matty. I don’t think either guy is necessarily wrong for her. But she had to make a choice. And rather than keep going with Matty, she picked Jake. Because Jake was going to treat her better. And in Awkward season 2, I suspect we’ll have all the fun of her tension with Matty and they may end up back together at some point.

As it pertains to the letter. Readers of this site will notice that I not only thought that Lacey had written the letter to Jenna, but when I had a chance to interview Nikki DeLoach I told her my theory. Not that it was easy to figure out – not by any means. In fact, when we polled fans it seemed most of you guys thought Matty wrote the letter. But we can’t forget that just because the stationery was in the house, that doesn’t mean Lacey the Mom wrote the letter. It might have been from Jenna’s Dad. Either way you slice it, the letter was written from a standpoint of trying to be helpful.

And now here’s the 11 best things about these two episodes:

  1. “I wore this to my Grandma’s funeral.” Oh, Val. It looked like lingerie! Desi Lydic was great, per usual. In these final two episodes she was really not taking any more shit from Sadie.
  2. When Jenna’s Mom helped her show off an asset of herself that wasn’t too revealing, Jenna continued to play up her lips. She let her Mom help her.
  3. Valerie had a graph of Jenna’s mood based on various smiley faces. I kinda wanna make a chart like that for myself, now.
  4. “Ugly crying” is a phrase used by Tamara.
  5. And we have to mention the bathroom stall scene between Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) and Sadie (Molly Tarlov). It was sweet. Until the end.
  6. Matty’s (Beau Mirchoff) idea to ask Jenna to the formal via a fortune cookie was sweet. I wonder if the cookie was edible…
  7. The scene of Matty playing poker was nice because it showed guys talking about girls in a very honest way.
  8. The scene between Lacey and Jenna was very touching. I especially loved the way Lacey hugged Jenna’s head.
  9. Jenna’s red dress was perfect for her. And I’m so glad that even Lissa (Greer Grammer) found a way to say to so Jenna. (Yay for Lissa for standing up for herself to Sadie!)
  10. Jenna and Jake (Brett Davern) are cute. That whole dance montage, their phone call, their interactions, the hand holding…they are just so cute together.
  11. The ending made me gasp. Lauren Iungerich is probably really cool, and she’s clearly an amazing writer.