It was time for Drunk Driving Awareness Week at Jenna’s high school on MTV’s Awkward, and that meant tradition! Specifically, the tradition of Dead Johnny and Dead Stacy. (Dead Johnnie and Dead Stacey?)

For those wondering, as far as I can tell from my Googling it doesn’t seem like this is a “thing” in other high schools, it’s simply a famous tradition from that specific high school. Now, that isn’t to say that other school’s don’t do variations of this. But if you were wondering if your high school missed out on the one cool thing by not having a Dead Stacey, you didn’t. Although I bet teenagers currently in HS will try to make it a thing now. Even though it’s morbid and weird. But you have to put up with it for “Crash’d” (Counselors Raising Awareness For Students Who – the W is silent – Drink)!

Let’s recap the highlights of “Over My Dead Body.”

  • Dead Stacey and Dead Johnny. The cherry on top of this scenario? Jenna’s Mom had won the coveted role of Dead Stacey. Some parents dream of their daughter being prom queen and carrying on this legacy, but in small towns there are legacies you’d never even heard of. I think my favorite part is that the show never gave any exposition to explain this, they just inferred how this was a standard tradition. They didn’t talk down to the audience. They made it seem so real I assumed I was uncool and just didn’t know that this was a thing!
  • Diet Wine. I don’t even like wine, but I think they should find a way to make this in the event I ever decide wine tastes good. Who do we talk to about this?
  • “Cut the pickle. Tickle tickle.” The only thing better about Valerie doing something so silly like this is that she also says things like “let’s pop the cherry on this thing.” I can’t decide if she’d be better as a kindergarden teacher or a counselor for jaded divorcee’s.
  • Jenna did her best to help Tamara, proving she loves her friends. Even though it was a tiny bit of a selfish move because Tamara was part of her plan.

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  • “Looks like someone is Jelly.” There wasn’t much other teen jargon in this episode, though. That is my one complaint!
  • Valerie’s sign: “I have 911 on speed-dial.”
  • “Who ever said ‘If you build it, they will come’ was wrong. Tear it down, they come running.” – Jenna
  • “Attention is a drug.” Well, yea. I think I’m personally more addicted to caffeine, though.
  • The principal is named Principal Cox. What a horrible name for a principal. Ergo, brilliant.
  • The conversation gets changed: Jenna and Tamara share a girl on girl lesbian kiss.

Awkward Episode Guide – Awkward Season 1 Episode 7
Title: Over My Dead Body
A mock DUI event is held at the school, and Jenna gets cast as the victim. Meanwhile, Jake and Matty vie for her attention.

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