Do you smell a steal coming? Cee Lo Green paired Avery Wilson and Chevonne for a battle.

Photo Credit: NBC

Who are they again?

Avery Wilson is sixteen and never had a singing lesson. All four judges turned for him in the blind auditions.

Chevonne is a professional backup singer who has toured with Lady Gaga.

The Voice Rehearsals

Song: “Titanium” David Guetta and Sia

Avery was a little hesitate in the first rehearsal. But Cee Lo thought he was like a child prodigy, with one of the strongest voices ever.

Chevonne lost her vocal control sometimes, and has to be mindful of it.

The Voice Season 3 Team Cee Lo Battle Performance

Adam thought Avery took it hands down.

Blake thought Chevonne had been so ready for battle, but he’d pick Avery.

Christina thought Chevonne’s stage presence was amazing.

WINNER: Coach Cee Lo picked Avery Wilson.

Christina Aguilera pushed her button for THE STEAL to take Chevonne.

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