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The song at the end of Mad Men “Man with a Plan” Season 6, Episode 7

| May 13, 2013 at 2:47 AM EDT

As we saw Megan (sobbing) and Don watching the news about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel, a song kicked up and led us into the credits. The song is as follows: Reach Out Of The Darkness (Re-Recorded / Remastered) by Friend & Lover Sample lyrics: I think it’s so groovy […]

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Dracula (NBC) Pictures with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Victoria Smurfit (Do you approve?)

| May 12, 2013 at 7:12 PM EDT
dracula nbc

This fall, Dracula is coming to NBC in the form of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Dracula (NBC) Synopsis – What is Dracula about? Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“The Tudors”) stars in this provocative new drama as one of the world’s most iconic characters. It’s the late 19th century and the mysterious Dracula (Rhys Meyers) […]

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NBC TV Schedule for 2013-2014 | The Blacklist, Believe, Crisis, Sean Saves the World look promising.

| May 12, 2013 at 7:01 PM EDT

I am going to be blunt here, and tell you exactly which new NBC shows look like they’ll be awful. That’s right folks, I’ll be naming names. NBC’s 2013-14 schedule is focusing on a few new family-based comedies and some action dramas. Solid shows like The Voice, Parenthood, Chicago Fire, The Biggest Loser, Revolution and […]

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What does TV do to your brain? Let’s take a look

| May 8, 2013 at 8:27 AM EDT

Your brain on TV. Is it really that bad? Turns out…no. It isn’t. What does watching TV do to your brain? The Connectivist published a story that helps you win the argument that watching TV does not mean you’re doing “nothing.” Joy Hirsch, the Director of fMRI Research at Columbia University Medical Center says that […]

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Haiku recap style – Game of Thrones “Kissed by Fire”

| April 29, 2013 at 3:11 PM EDT

It’s hard to improve upon Game of Thrones. But the right haiku might just do it. Game of Thrones Recap “Kissed by Fire” Keep in mind this contains spoilers for the events that unfolded in this episode. I have followed the standard American Haiku format of 5-7-5. Should my math be wrong in any instance, […]

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How Nerdy are you? Are you “The People’s Nerd”? (King of the Nerds Season 2)

| April 29, 2013 at 12:35 PM EDT

Are you nerdy enough to be deemed the nerdiest person in America? King of the Nerds season 2 is set to premiere in early 2014 on TBS. And one of the cast members will be chosen by you, the people. In fact, your title will be, “The People’s Nerd.” To be considered as a potential […]

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Game of Thrones review: ‘Walk of Punishment’ for crimes against horses, bread, and brothel rules

| April 15, 2013 at 1:55 AM EDT
game of thrones wolf bread

Silence. It speaketh the loudest. Whether watching countless failed attempts to light a funeral pyre, spotting Jaime and Brienne exchange  significant looks, or watching a group assemble and pick seating placements… some of the best scenes from “Walk of Punishment” were all about the nonverbal action. You’ve seen the episode by now, a recap feels […]

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How The Good Wife tackled ‘legitmate rape’

| April 15, 2013 at 1:33 AM EDT

The “legitimate rape” discussion made its way onto The Good Wife this Sunday night. In “Rape: A Modern Perspective” a lawsuit ends up putting the rape victim in jail for going public during the case, while the rapist was headed to Princeton. (“From Prison to Princeton” would have been a bloggers dream headline if this […]

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The Most Important Buildings in America – in honor of Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

| April 8, 2013 at 12:26 PM EDT
most important buildings in america

Ever wonder about which buildings in America are the most important – in terms of history and design precedents? Well, in the new PBS special “10 Buildings That Changed America” you’ll learn which pieces of architecture have been the most influential in America’s history. Ted Mosby ( Josh Radnor on How I Met Your Mother) […]

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6 best Mad Men quotes from “Dark Shadows”

| April 8, 2013 at 2:02 AM EDT

Though it was a two hour premiere, Mad Men season 6 has only generated 6 memorable quotes so far. Here they are: She always seems so dim, but there was this nugget of truth in this Meagan: It must take a lot of work to stand out in paradise.

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