You’re a major Glee fan and you want to prove that you’ve got the talent to be more than just a fan? Well, there’s a new Glee reality TV show on the Oxygen Network that you can audition for!

The Oxygen network (with Fox’s Glee producers) have set up a Glee reality show called The Glee Project. The prize for winning is a multi-episode guest-starring role on season3 of Glee.

Standard for showbiz: you must be of-age (18 years old) but look fresh faced enough to be a believable high school teen. Suddenly all those times you got carded don’t seem so bad, huh?

On top of looking young, you need to prove that you can sing, dance and act. I know, that’s no small order! If you have musical theater background that’ll be a major plus.

For more information visit Oxygen’s Glee Web site.