A small part of Glee last night involved Tina telling Principal Figgins that she was a vampire, and her dad happened to be the king of the vampires. Intrigued? Read on.

asian vampiresIn last night’s Glee, Tina was told to stop dressing like a goth because it was bad to encourage vampires and feelings of the occult. This was told to her by Principal Figgins, of whom we learned actually did believe in vampires. It’s funny to see the different small notes about Figgins. This also let us have a very cute couple of exchanges between Will Schuester and Tina.

In the end, Tina decided she wanted to dress how she always dressed. So she played a prank on Figgins, showing up in a pair of fangs and telling him, “My dad, he is the king of the vampires, and Asian vampires are the most vicious of all the vampires.”

This is really a case where showing, rather than telling, would work better. But it’s really exciting that “asian vampires” is a twitter trending topic on the East Coast (Boston) right now (2 a.m. EST)! This is in addition to #gleegoesgaga, Idina, Finn, Pokerface, and Menzel. Talk about a show that’s had an impact tonight – in both serious and fun ways!

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