By now, you no doubt know that the designer of Ashley Hebert’s wedding dress was Randi Rahm. What you may be confused on is what kind of dress this was.

Different sources label the dress differently. Some call it a mermaid simply because it’s the only dress style name they know that isn’t a ballgown. Other sites like InStyle referred to it as a fit and flare. Well, we decided to narrow down the search so when you go try on wedding dresses you’ll know exactly what style to ask for.

According to The Wedding Shoppe Inc. you can tell the difference between a mermaid dress vs a fit and flare dress rather easily:

So, what’s the difference between the fit and flare and the mermaid? And what’s the difference between the fit and flare and the trumpet?

The Fit and Flare flares right below the hip
The Mermaid flares at or below the knee
The Trumpet flares gradually, at approximately mid-thigh

When a keen eye, we noted that Ashley Hebert’s wedding dress flared out at the knee, which means this is a mermaid wedding dress. If you want a fuller dress, consider asking for a fit and flare or trumpet dress. It will keep a small frame from being swallowed, while still giving a bride a bit of ballroom fantasy.

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Ashley Hebert wedding dress style.

Photo Credit: ABC