On The Rachel Zoe Project season 3, there’s a new addition to the camp. Taylor Jacobson was fired (as we learned in the season 3 premiere) and was replaced with the eager Ashley Avignone.

The current TwitPic for Ashley Avignone. We did mention it was wonky, right?

Hand-picked by Rachel Zoe, it’s hard not to be curious about this new hire. And yet, not much information seems to exist – even in a world where Internet stalking can be done by the laziest of souls. Is she using an alias? Is she a ROBOT? No. She’s just still flying under the radar.

Double checking with NYMag.com, the Ashley Avignone twitter is AshMacTheGreat. She has just 458 followers as this is being written. It seems like a small amount for a reality persona. While her former Twitter picture seemed more party girl, her new one is much more professional (though still wonky in dimension.)

Time has yet to show us what Ashley’s dynamic will be with Brad, and the rest of the Zoe camp.

The former Ashley Avignone Twitpic.

Her background Twitter page is elegant and seems down-to-earth (it does!), and while she’s not immune to name dropping (who is?) she also seems to have a bit of a funny side, using the hashtag “#nerdboner”. Plus, she’s a fan of True Blood!

Our verdict? We love her!