Though I was not going to watch Arrow, I gave in. And? I’m so glad I did. Here are my thoughts on the pilot…

I already love his sister, she’s sweet and innocent.I also want to be a young teen in that super fabulous, rich old house. I would use my (money) powers only for good, I swear! Also, Willa Holland has always (?) played snarky characters, so this is a huge change. But I already buy into this – she’s sweet and innocent and let’s protect her! (Of course, I suspect she’ll inevitably screw over her brother, but maybe on accident or out of a good intention.) I also love her name – Thea Queen.

Katie Cassidy as a brunette is tough for me. But Laurel Lance had to be brunette, I suppose. A brunette head of hair conveys sensibility and high morals. Especially when paired with a cardigan. (I did not make these rules!)

Gratuitous shirtlessness of Stephen Amell is appreciated. Thank you, show!

stephen amellOn Lost – they are NOT all dead. They all eventually died, is all. I am so annoyed by people who misrepresent what the Lost finale was all about.

This is actually a dramatic and fun show. I had no idea it would be this good.

He’s all martial artsy now.

So, Oliver Queen is Buddhist now? Because I think Buddhism is cool. C’mere, cutie.

“I want one of those T-shirts that says my friend was a castaway and all I got was this stupid shirt.” – Tommy

Olivier / Laurel tension! Arrow Spoilers: They’re gonna fall in lurve again.

These masks are creepy.

This is a conversation I had while watching the Arrow premiere…
M: “Doesn’t he get superhuman strength or something?”
Jessica: “Well, it’s not so much that he gets special powers… I think he just gets mad, puts on a green cape, and fights crime and stuff. So I don’t know why you can’t do that, either.”

Jessica: “Wait, WHAT is his secret?”
M: “He’s very secretive about it…”

I’m not sure if he just trained a lot or some sort of bug bit him and that’s why he’s so strong. The show is not making this clear.

Arrows and bows are making such a comeback with The Hunger Games and now Arrow. That thing with the tennis balls was pretty cool. I kind of want a bow. God, I’m a little predictable sometimes. But you want a bow too, right?

Oh, he has a hit list. Wouldn’t wanna be on that. But I must note his calligraphy-like handwriting is very nice. I bet that’s a leather bound book/journal, too.

“We’ll put out an APB on… Robin Hood.” – Arrow Quotes

katie cassidy arrow

“What’s Twilight?” – Oliver Queen
“You’re so better off not knowing.” – Tommy Meryln (So true. So, so true.)

“Away? You died.” – Thea Queen

stephen amell

Oh, Oliver. If you push Laurel away… she’ll only be more interested.

stephen amell

I love the word “debauchery,” dammit. More people should use it.

stephen amell

“Being on that island did change you. At least now you’re honest.” – Laurel

thea queen

Adam Hunt, you are oooovah. Or dead. I forget. Anyway, he’s gone for now.

stephen amell

But seriously,  I have a question! Was Oliver already a genius with technology? I get how he got physically strong, but how did he stay up with hacking an technology? Not buying it. This is the one thing I find most unbelievable.

stephen amell

Suicide in front of his eyes? Horrible. Why would his Dad do that?! Was it because he had shame about his life, the liferaft wouldn’t hold the three of them… or what? Because if it was just about shame, he wouldn’t have had to shoot the other guy (unless he was covering up his tracks?) Confusion! But I do love a good mystery.

Loving Laurel’s love interest. I may not be entirely sure of his name, is all. Is that Tommy? The Tommy from before? Oh, it’s Tommy Merlyn. I thought she’d called him “Merlin” and found it unusual. Colin Donnell is attractive.

willa holland arrow

So, her full name is Dinah Laurel Lance but we only all her Laurel? Explain things, show!

stephen amell

Oooh, mean Mom! God, and you thought YOUR Mom was a bitch?

Okay, I’m on board for this show. What do you guys think?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on The CW.

Photo Credit: The CW

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