Consider me one more TV critic who is plain disappointed by the new season of Arrested Development.

Do they look like you remember? Here is one of the Arrested Development Season 4 Posters.

Do they look like you remember? Here is one of the Arrested Development Season 4 Posters.

The general TV-watching public and TV critics seem divided on this issue. I’ve already provided this TV poll to demonstrate how our readers feel: Poll: YAY or EH for Arrested Development season 4 on Netflix?

What the problem is…

#1 – The flashback style of the entire season demonstrates that the writers and creators are very smart, and could have given the people at Lost a run for their money. (Although, not literally…) But the flashback style isn’t successful at working, and it makes the best parts of the episodes feel jammed into crevices to serve the “this huge plot is happening” method. Less is more. More is…confusing as f*#k.

#2 – The showrunners had too much power, and they were like kids in a candy store. Does anyone really love the storyline with seeing Ron Howard on the show? I don’t dislike the man, but the “Michael is making a movie” arc has done nothing for me. And having a weak arc for your main character is a major flaw.

What the problem isn’t…

#1 – Don’t let anyone say that gorging on all of the episodes of season 4 at once is the problem. When you love a show, you can watch an entire season in a weekend and love it all. I have personally watched many episodes of the original Arrested Development in a day and found it more enjoyable than watching several episodes of the new episodes.

Final Thoughts…

The season isn’t bad, but it’s a poor follow-up to the first three. (Similar to: Community season 4 VS season’s 1-3.)

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