“Hey, brother. We have unlimited juice. This party is gonna be off the hook.”

arrested development books

“Arrested Development: And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note”
reminds your family that they’re lucky not to have to deal with the Bluths,
they’ve only gotta deal with you!

There’s no denying the appeal of the classic Arrested Development seasons from Twentieth Century Fox. (I refuse to explain my complicated feelings about the Netflix episodes of this beloved show. Sigh.) The quotes are always going to make you laugh, and the pictures of everyone pretending to dance like chickens will always make you smile.

Enter the book…. Arrested Development: And that’s why…you always leave a note. Available from Running Press Publishers of the Perseus Books Group. Edited by Jennifer Leczkowski. SRP Price: $13.95 US.

Amazon Price and Link, $11.58, Hardcover: Clicky!

This is a small, fairly compact book perfect for coffee table displays. There are sections divided into topical chapters, but the entire format is pretty simple. Pages are either funny pictures or focusing on a quote the recognizable Arrested Development font and a predominance of the colors orange, black, and white.

arrested development book

Topics covered include:

  • Family First
  • Huge Mistakes
  • Parental Guidance
  • Hey, Brother
  • Marry Me!

I find that another great use for this book would be the tear out pages to put in picture frames. The design is great, and the fonts are big enough to be read from far away. You can put the Bluth family in your family collage photo frames, even. I mean, don’t you feel part of their family?

I’m giving a copy to my sister for Christmas, and bookmarking certain pages with sticky notes to remind her that our family isn’t all that bad in comparison to the Bluths. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Surprisingly there isn’t much when it comes to an Arrested Development book, so make sure to snap this up.

Crush Christmas Family Stress with these Arrested Development Quotes

Nobody makes a fool of our family without my help. – Gob

You’ve got to be the laziest person in the world. – Michael
If you weren’t all the way on the other side of the room I’d slap your face. – Lindsay

I don’t see you crying, robot! You taste these tears. Taste my sad, Michael. – Gob

That’s all I ever wanted from you, Daddy. For you to spend money on me. – Lindsay

I’m a complete failure. – Gob
Where’d you get that kind of talk? – George Jr.
From you. You always say that about me. – Gob

Disclaimer: Copy received for honest review of the product.