Aria’s room from Pretty Little Liars merges the old (vintage and vintage-inspired pieces) with the new (Urban Outfitters items.) That suits her personality just right. I first started loving Aria’s room when I noticed her ruffled curtains.

aria's room pretty little liars

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What’s in Aria’s room on Pretty Little Liars?

  • Wrought iron book shelf hung on wall.
  • Pillows, pillows, pillows! There’s an image of The Statue of Liberty on one. Another has a traditional pattern on it in two tones of warm salmon pink. One is white with artsy flowers on it. Another is a caramel color with silver sequins all over it.
  • Aria’s bedroom walls are wallpapered with a textured, metallic wallpaper. The color is bronze/gold/olive green. Or somewhere in-between those tones.

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aria's room pretty little liars

  • Framed image of a light blue butterfly in a black shadowcase.
  • A Bulletin board in a nice cream frame (just use a picture frame, paint it, and replace the main section.)
  • Large-ish LCD TV on the desk.
  • Butterflies stuck to the wall, much like Buffy Summers had.
  • Ruffled tiers of curtains.
  • Lamps everywhere with a yellow glow. You can actually get yellow bulbs from Mood Lites. I think you might also try these stained glass light bulbs.
  • Mirror/Candle holder on wall.
  • Chotskies like bird figurines, tiny lamps, little statues…
  • Piles stacked high of hardcover books
  • Wrought iron items
  • Wooden wall shelf over the bed with wrought iron brackets
  • The colors: brown, rust, olive, khaki, rose, gold, yellow
  • Woven textile rug

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The following screencaps of Pretty Little Liars sets were from and some altered for clarity. Click any picture to enlarge.

pretty little liars sets

pretty little liars bedrooms

aria's room from pretty little liar

pretty little liars set

aria's bedroom pretty little liars