It’s pretty impossible not to adore Aria’s bedroom on Pretty Little Liars. I’ve gotten some questions about Aria’s bedspread and I wanted to address those.

pretty little liars sets

You can build a similar bed by layering certain elements.

  1. I may be imagining it but I believe that’s a rose colored, dramatic dust ruffle? I love dust ruffles and people always forget about them! Get one with a loud pop of color. (Someone has suggested that her bedskirt is a raffia grass bedskirt. The more I look at it, I do think that is part of her bedding. But it would be annoying to hear swish all the time when you hit against it.)
  2. Aria’s sheets are a basic cream.
  3. The bedspread here is a muted pinky brown color. It should be a darker tone of what your dust ruffle color is. Work with warm colors and texture for a similar look.
  4. Pulling in the same color from the dust ruffle, Aria’s bed has plenty of accent pillows with colors like pink, yellow and teal. And they have different patterns and adornments and beading! The larger pillows are dark colors without embellishments.

In light of the fact that having so many decorative pillows can be a pain, I’ve collected some bedspreads to show you that give you the right feel for Aria Montgomery’s bedroom. (It’s bohemian and deflection, but also feminine.) Of all the Pretty Little Liars bedding options, my favorite has to be Aria’s.

aria's bedding pretty little liars

  1. Drifting Away Bedding, Anthropologie, HERE
  2. “Loire Valley” Bed Linens, Horchow, HERE
  3. Crochet Bedskirt, Bella Home Fashions, HERE
  4. “Strawberry Mousse” Bed Line, Horchow, HERE

Pictures of Aria’s Room on Pretty Little Liars

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