Your guide to Aria Montgomery’s hair.

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On Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) has fantastic hairstyles.

Aria Montgomery Haircut

Aria’s haircut utilizes long layers. That’s all you need to say to your hairstylist to convey the idea of what you want. Repeat it, “long layers.” There you go! Now, you can say how short you want the shortest layers to be, Aria’s hit around her chin. You’ll also be asked if you want them to frame your face (yes) and if you want them just in the front or all over (all over.)

Aria Montgomery Hairstyles

Aria is always switching her hair around, maybe more than anyone else on the hair. Lucy Hale was blessed with amazing hair.

aria montgomery hair

She’s made very tight, small curls with a curling iron before brushing them out. Spencer’s got amazing hair in this photo, too.

Aria is not afraid to have big, big hair. These curls are luscious. In season 1, Aria was more concerned with shiny and smooth hair. In season 2 she’s not afraid of texture and more of a boho feel.

aria montgomery hairstyles

This photo is good to show you how she curls her hair with the irony.

aria montgomery hairstyles

Look at how she styles her front layers to be smooth and curled back, as she places her headband on it.

aria montgomery hairstyles

A low, side ponytail gets sass by using some texturizing gel and scrunching it.

Look at the tiny braids!

Aria Montgomery Hair Care and Tricks

Aria uses her straightening iron and her curling iron quite a bit. You’ll want to invest in high quality (read: expensive, reliable) ones so that they don’t fry your hair. You can also purchase products to help your hair be protected from the heat. A shine spray never hurts, either. One of the biggest things you can do to replicate Aria’s hair is to notice where her hair is parted and then look at the direction of the curls. Usually she has had her curling iron curl away from her face for the first section, then alternates the direction.

Aria’s hair has some highlights which give dimension to her hair. She keeps it long so¬† she can play around with different styles.


Don’t you wish they sold these Pretty Little Liars chairs?

Her face might be drained of color, but Spencer Hastings hairstyle here is typical of her weekly look. We love the soft waves. You can replicate them with curlers rather than a curling iron. Don’t be afraid to have some frizz at the bottom half of your hair. It’s very maid Marian.

You’d better believe that Hanna Marin wears a shine spray on her hair. A simple part down the middle keeps things casual.

This Hanna Marin hairstyle is one of our favorites. The braid acts as a headband. There’s even a messy fishtail braid hidden in this look.

spencer hastings

For her ponytail, Spencer lets some pieces of her layers hang in front of her ears.

Images from ABC Family.